Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This Heat: This Heat (4/5)

Year: 1979
Label: Piano
Genre: Psychedelic Experimental Rock
TRT: 47:40

This is very progressive and inventive. The beginning of the album is a little spacey but give it a chance and you'll start to see the brilliance behind the instruments. I'm sure this album isn't for everyone, but I'd never heard of this band until I randomly stumbled upon them which goes to say they must have made some kind of waves to still have mp3's floating around on the internet.

01 Test Card
02 Horizontal Hold
03 Not Waving
04 Water
05 Twilight Furniture
06 24 Track Loop
07 Diet Of Worms
08 Music Like Escaping Gas
09 Rainforest
10 The Fall Of Saigon
11 Test Card

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