Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Ocean: Precambrian (4.5/5)

#7 out of 10
Metal Album of 2007

Year: 2007
Label: Metal Blade
Genre: Progressive Sludge
TRT: Disc I/22:03 Disc II/61:41

Another “sludge metal” album, but with a twist. These Germans utilize an array of instruments not usually found on such an album. This variance allows them to step beyond the bounds of what you might expect. The xylophone, violin, piano, bells, et cetera add dynamic and beautiful textures layered above and beneath some of the heaviest tracks I heard all year. Albums with themes have always attracted me for the extra depth involved, and this two disc set is a timeline of sorts, with each track title coinciding with a different prehistoric age, delivers. And delivers. And delivers.
Review by Praemorior

#3 out of 10
Metal Album of 2007
This is a very cool album to talk about because of the thought that went into it. The early years of earth are described not only through the names of the songs but the songs themselves and the artwork the album entails. This is a dual disc album with the first disc being more abrasive and unstable like the speculated beginning of the earth. The second disc is more down-tempo sludge, but still very changing. Both albums really bring together such a feeling that I think is pushing the bounds of the current metal genre.
Review by |A Study in Temperament|

Disc I
01 Hadean
02 Eoarchaean
03 Palaeoarchaean
04 Mesoarchaean
05 Neoarchaean

Disc II
02 Rhyacian
03 Orosirian
04 Statherian
05 Calymmian
06 Ectasian
07 Stenian
08 Tonian
09 Cryogenian

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